KH or Onza Trials?

I searched and found a couple threads that were just like this but were over a year old and so would probably refer to the older models only.

So my plan to get a Qu-ax trials fell through and now I’m planning on buying either the Kris Holm or Onza 20" trials from UDC.

The $58 price difference don’t matter that much to me. Of course (like most anyone) I would prefer the cheaper. But seeing pictures of those Onza pedal bites really scare me. But then I also heard that the KH pedal bites aren’t really any less vicious. However I already have a pair of 661 4x4’s so should I not worry about the pedals then?

I know the KH frame is lighter but not by much.

I’m guessing that the KH trials is a top-of-the-line professional trials uni. Is this also true about the Onza? Or is it more in the middle?

I may choose the one with the least weaknesses durability wise. Are there any major weaknesses that one tends to have over the other?

Ummm…yeah, just anything else you have to say would be greatly appreciated.



I really don’t know much about the onza tires, but i know Creepy Crawler is a good tire, pluss, as you said the KH frame is lighter, and much more apealing. A few weeks ago when the Onza’s were on sale, i’d totaly say go for the Onza, but thats not the case, KH all the way.

I bought the onza 20" trials during the price cut when it went down to $299. Its really good. I have never tried out the kris holm but if you search the forums i bet there are alot threads on this. Also look at the reviews on UDC for each unicycle. The onza is seat is not very comfortable and it mine makes a clicking sound (i think the spokes?), but I still like alot.
EDIT: i still havent used my onza pedals because of the pins and i dont have shingaurds. (i use plastic pedals). But the onza pedals would be fine if you have shingaurds. You can the pins out or maybe cut them down too.
2nd Edit: I was the last person to get the price cut. I had it in my cart and i was about to buy it and i went downstairs to get my mom and credit card and when i came back up it was no longer in my cart and the price went back up! So i called them and they said they could put the price back down to $299 for 5 more minutes so i could finish ordering it.

Yeah, I e-mailed UDC telling them I’d buy it if they lowered the price down to $299 again but they said they couldn’t. Darn :frowning: That would have made my decision easier.

Thanks, I completely forgot that there were reviews there. Duhh!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, yes… I remember seeing that. I tried that but it didn’t work for me now, probably because I was about 2 weeks too late :stuck_out_tongue:

carfull, some of the reviews on there site are years old. rave reviews on stuff when now there is better is quite fequent.

another lack of maintenance issue.

Decision over: I purchased the Kris Holm 20" Trials from UDC. Yay!

WOOT! I wish I had one of those Gets sad

Actually I was the last one to get the price cut… I had emailed them that week but had to go away the next week. I came back and it was back for 410. I called and they gave it to me for the other price.

Oh so i was second last. Does your onza ever make a popping/clinking sound?

Yeah, it does…I made a thread on it lately. It clicks when i hop and when i start pedaling. UH OH?