KH or Onza muni....

Hey my brother is about to order one of these 2 and I cannot really tell him which one is better since I have no experience with them. So in you guys opinions which is better? Thanks alot.


i did a TON of research comparing these two, and this is what i came up with


24x3 wheel

kh seat

well known, trusted brand (kris holm). guaranteed to be a decent uni, you only need to read a few reviews to know that.

at 449$, it is often considered the best bang for the buck, or the best off road uni under $800 (according to some).

basically indestructable; very tough

little part on cranks that bangs your ankles is now GONE

mount for a brake



comes with 170 mm cranks, which may be longer than you want

not in stock until early june (about)


damn sexy

50$ cheaper

in stock right now

not quite as rugged and tough as the kh24, but still pretty close to indestructable


only a 24x2.6 wheel. Many people have said that a 3 inch tyre instead of a 2.6 makes a big difference; you can ride with lower tire pressure and get more bounce :slight_smile:

not as well known/trusted as kh

hard to find reviews of it online

overall, i’d definitely have to say spend the extra 50 bucks like i did and get the kh. you simply cannot go wrong with a kh24. i’ve read every review about every part of the kh24, and there is nothing to not like. trust me, its the way to go, i’ve done the research.


i am unsure if you are talking bout the trials or the muni but from what i know
KH muni is better then the onza as the tyre is much better and the rim i think.
As for the trials i think they are the same.
i would recormend making your own from a nimbus frame(yuni) then onza hub/cranks dx32 rim what ever seat post and a kh seat if it was me.If you want to push the boat out go for the kh i would say that is if you can wait.