KH or Nimbus frame for DH Muni?

Hi! Yesterday after my Downhill ride, I saw that my Torker DX frame was a little cracked between the Neck and the Crown. So I wonder if there’s a big difference of strength between the KH24 frame and the NimbusII. The weight doesn’t really matter to me, if it did matter, I would just choose the KH. Does the KH frame really worth the $175CAN more than the NimbusII frame?
Thanks in advance for the replies…

It’s probably what i’ll be doing but It depends on How much money I’ll have when I’ll get my new frame… If I get the nimbusII, Black or Chrome? I got a Torker DX wheelset.

You will probably need to shim the bearings.

Nimbus all the way

I’ve already made the order, but I didn’t ordered yet, do someone know if the nimbus frame comes with the Magura brake clamps? I got the bearing shims, orange NimbusII frame and Magura brake clamps if they dont come with it.

Nimbus DOES NOT include the Magura clamps, KH does. Good choice on the frame, if weight is unimportant, then steel is always better. To bad you couldn’t wait, I would have sold you my orange Nimbus II.

It’s Sunday on a holiday weekend, meaning they probably haven’t done anything with his order yet. He could probably call them and cancel it if he really wants to.

EDIT: I see he is in Canada, so it’s not a holiday weekend but it’s still Sunday.

I didn’t ordered yet, you still can sold me your Orange Nimbus II, PM me for the info:)

It holiday for the summer for me:D I’m too young to work, and school is finished.

In Gatineau yes…I have to be 16 everywhere. Anyway, I just dont work then…