KH or Koxx

I watched this thing on tv were they ested out bmx dirt jumping bikes and they put sensers on the axel bolt and the fork/frame and it calclated the impact of an average rider on a 10’ drop then they knew how much force the machine needed to apply. It was purdy neet maybe some rich bugger should do somthing like this to solve the K1 vs Kh battle.

I am sick and tired of seeing KH vs. K1 posts :angry: Can’t we all agree that they are both great unis and in the long run it comes down to personal preference not which one is better.

I think they are both great uni’s, and the two top unicycle brands in unicycling. But in general KH seems to be better quality, and is made with better metarials.

KH frames are all aluminum, making them light and strong.

Koxx frames are mostly steel, unless you get the XTP wich is terrible for street or freestyle. Whereas the KH is a more of an all in one uni, good for everything.

Rims are about the same thing nowadays. Both are wide and have the holes cut in them for weight savings.

Koxx has its own line of freestyle uni’s that KH doesn’t have. That is probably the only lead Koxx has over the Kris Holm uni’s.

KH & Koxx hub’n cranks are both good, so no need for comparison. They both have strong aluminum cranks.

That’s how close it really is between the two. It comes down to these picky little forum battles that decides what uni you get. Both are good, either one will satisfy you.