KH or Koxx

I know there’s alot of strong opinions on here. So, in saying that, this thread will probably be very biased, to both sides. But, i’d like to spark discussion, for those wanting to buy another uni, which is better in your opinion, and why? keep in mine REAL statistics add to cred.

I’m going to compare the kh 19’’ trials to the koxx red devil. The red devil is heavier, not by much. Most people prefer the kh saddle over the koxx, and there is a different tire on the koxx, (which some people say is alot bouncier).

Wow wow wow, Who likes a kh saddle better than a koxx? koxx is all slim and sexy and great for sif.

The kh is really slim, you probably havent seen them. The kh seats are better because of the removable cover and they don’t have rubberish designs on the cover that peal off.

for muni, the frame kinda sticks out a little too much. it just takes some gettin used to then it’s fine. koxx frame has a shim to fit the seat post and when putting the seatpost in it can twist and make tightening the seat bolt harder. the bearing housings are not made to fit the bearings like kh, unless you buy the xtp or the signature freestyle. don’t have any experience with kh.

lets keep this theme, with the KH 20 and Koxx red devil, so we’re all on the same page.

This comparison has been done so many times that posting it means that you definatly have NOT used the search function. See that little button up there that says search? It has a nice down arrow beside it. USE IT! They have been compared in just about every aspect that you would want.

I am not posting here either. If you use the search function and read both the PRODUCT REVIEW FORUM designed just for questions like this and you read this forum, you will no doubt no my feelings.

yes, the try-all sticky is quite bouncy but I am pretty sure that is a good thing, not a bad.

No, i used the search feature, and I guess i wasn’t looking for all facts as much as opinions and preferences; backed up by facts.

I like both unis, but I have a koxx… I`ve tried kh alot, and its great, the koxx is great too…

but I actually like the koxx seat better than the kh seat, I think the new kh street seat is too thin, the koxx seat is perfect!

about the cranks, the kh moment cranks are good, but I like the koxx street cranks better, the kh cranks is a bit thin, for flatlanding, but the koxx cranks has a tubular shape, and is perfect for both street and flatland…

BUT kh is a great uni, and I think you should deside wich uni you want yourself… both unis are great

yeah the koxx seat is nicer than the KH one… ok a removable cover would be nice, but its still a better seat.

And as for the shim, its hard to shove the seatpost down the frame at first, so i put abit of that silicon grease that was left on the pedals and slid the tube down. The shim isnt really a perfect solution, but its never ever twisted on me. Its a very tight fit allready so the double bolt doesnt do much.

I’m really tempted by the koxx-one street cranks actually… they look very nice

I’ve not been that impressed with the build quality of my KH. It’s better than any other uni I’ve owned but the bar isn’t particually high:)

That’s the thing about Uni. It is very individual. What I love, you may loath and vice versa. In the end, we are really only riding our own uni’s anyway. Ask friends to let you take thier uni’s for a spin, or ask people with similar riding styles to yours what they think.
There is no, which uni is right for me ANSWER. The question is asked all the time but thier is no magic “Which Uni is Best” fairy flying around waiting to tap you on the head. It’s all you man, it’s all you!!!

I so much agree with you:) :wink:

or do what a lot of us do mix and match.
I have a Koxx wheel set, a KH 06 frame,a nimbus gel saddle and a Monty tire.
The rest is all personal choice. try out some of the different types if you can and you will find your favorite quick…:smiley:

will people shut up about the seach function
when people search u bitch about bringing up old topics

lol nice point skianduniaddict…

and fatboy, thats the way forward i think…persoanlly i love the koxx wheelset but the KH frame does seem alot better.

But its all personall, i mean no one has done a proper strain test so we dont really know… i mena so and so broke this and that means very little.

someone buy me a Koxx devil, and a KH 2007 trials uni.

Ill take them to a 8 foot wall, and drop off that wall, landing without a rollout.

Each time Ill record the drop, and write any notice of bending and breaking. I will continue to do this until the unis cranks brake or bend to the point of not being rideable. I could possibly have a rim brake or any other equipment that I will record.

After I do this with one unicycle I will do it with the other one, dropping off the same way, landing the same way, and record everything like on the first uni.

Then I will take both sets of statistics and post up here, so you can see which one broke in the least amount of falls, and which uni ended up to hold out the best.

Anyone wanna donate the unis so I can do this brutal test of uni strength?

:roll_eyes: :smiley:

Haha thats funny. O yeah, I won’t be buying those uni’s just so a bunch of people will stop posting stupid threads about KH and Koxx.

Ha, some sort of machine would be better. Just keep adding force to the cranks and when they fail you will have the exact point that killed them.
That doesn’t account to fatigue over time though.