KH or DX seat

Well I want to buy a trials seat for my torker lx until I get my dx in november. I was wondering if it is worth it to buy a KH seat now and then when I get the dx put it on that or if the DX seat is good enough. Right now I have to buy a handle for my lx seat because I broke it so I was wondering if I should just save the money and get a KH seat soon.

well, the nee KH trials seets are pretty awesome…

I hate the seat my dx came with, its not cumfy at all. I wish I had the money to buy a nimbus gel saddle but I dont.

What’s wrong with the Lx seat I’ve always liked it for riding street.

he broke the handle der.

i say buy the new kh street (gel) fusion its be the best saddle out there, or else just replace the handle on yer lx saddle

Niether…They wont fit on your seatpost. So youd have to get a Miyata or buy a new seatpost aswell. Or if you dont want to spend to much just get a new handle for the LX saddle.

I would get a new KH street saddle and get a new gb4 seat post to put the seat on. It kind of costs a lot but is really comfortable and shouldnt brake for a long time.