KH or Alex rim?

So I was thinking about ordering a powdercoated trials rim from Bedford. I think that would be pretty cool… but I wouldn’t know weather to get the Alex or the KH 19" rim. So, which one should I get, if I were to get one?

They are both great rims, and I have both but not in 19". They are both strong, but Id say go with the KH because it’s a little wider than the Alex. You’ll have less tire foldage with low pressure, or when your riding slanted stuff.

the KH rim is 47mm while the DX32 is 38mm if i remember correctly. So the KH will have less fold. Get the KH

Liek what they said. KH is wider, and it also has eyelets which are also and advantage

Its also really difficult to get the tire on and off dx32’s

Sounds good. Thanks for the advice.

in the club i am in we have 9+ alex rims and only 2 old KH and 1 new KH
ALex rims are old (03?) and they are still being made (they generally don’t keep making junk so) and i don’t know anyone who has destroyed one and the KH hasn’t had that long of a period to be tested

i ride an alex rim with eyelets it just depends on where you get it from

What exactly do the eyelets do in the rim? Just save weight?

Stops spokes from possibly ripping through the rim as far as I know.

Also allows you to use Aluminum nipples.

If you use aluminum nipples on an aluminum rim, they will fuse together over time.

the DX32 is a great rim, but for trials/street the wider the rim, the less likely your tyre is to bend and all. THe new KH rim doesnt break either…

The DX32 is gerat, but the KH is 9mm wider whihc is enormous. Also the onza rim is basically the same as the KH and the tryall rim is pretty good too.

Put it this way, Kris used to ride on DX-32s and bust them alot, then he designed a rim of his own, would he make it better or worse? :slight_smile:



+another 1

Another rim that looks awesome is the Koxx street rim. Not drilled for extra strength, and it comes in a sick orange color. O yeah, eyeletted too.

wait you said the koxx street rim is not drilled for more strength… but then you say O yeah eyeletted too? wtf?

and the Koxx rim (eyeletted trial rim) is good but its more expensive than the kh rim

I want one of those bad-boys for my trials. I’m skeptical about drilled rims. And I’d like something stronger than what I’ve got now (alex).

Eyelets are the the silver things that line the inside of the hole for the nipple. Drilled holes are the big holes that are used ti save weigh, but make it somewhat weaker.

Eyeletted doesn’t mean the rim is drilled, it means it has these nice steel ‘rings’ in the holes the spokes go in.

Eyeletted rim:




EDIT: Nevermind, Maximus already explained it

ah allright, sorry about my stupidity, i guess you learn things everyday :smiley: