KH/Onza Self-extracting cranks

I am trying to switch the cranks on my kh/onza hub with shorter ones but one of the black thingys that goes around the bolt is missing. I can take the left crank off fine and as i turn the wrench it comes off but the right side doesnt have the black thing so i can take the bolt off but i cant get the crank itself off. I did a search and didnt find what I was looking for, so does anyone know how to get the crank off without a bearing puller or something like that? Is there some way to take the black thing off the crank thats off and put it on the stuck one?

Yes–just use a small enough screwdriver or other item to unscrew the self-extracting ring from the crank that you already removed. Stick it in one of the two small holes to turn. The rings are reverse threaded–turn them clockwise to remove.

ok, thank you

Bah, Just get Profiles, They just slide right off.

After they’ve been used for a bit and the splines have worn down. When they’re new they are a real pain to pull off the hub. I’m going to have some explaining to do when I get to heaven to explain why I was swearing so while trying to pull off my brand new Profile cranks. I hope St. Peter understands.