KH, Onza, or Qu-Ax?

I have narrowed down my new trials selection between the KH Onza and the QuAx, but im not sure which to get. The KH is right now the most expensive at 467$, while the Onza is at a price cut from 409$ to 299$. The QuAx is also at 299$. If money weren’t an issue, which unicycle would i get the most bang for my buck and which will last me a lifetime? And do any of these come with warrenties of anykind?


ooooh, that’s a great price for the Onza. if you have the money, I’d definitely recommend buying that one now. I’m thinking any of those three uni’s will fit your needs…so yeah, get the Onza. the KH is probably a little stronger, but not by much, so the Onza will definitely suit you well.

That sucks for me. I just got the Onza and I paid all $409. If I had known I could have waited just a two and a half weeks and pay $110 less, I would have. Oh well. Totally get the Onza. Its hardcore! Plus, its got the KH/Onza hub, and a KH saddle, its just a little bit heavier than the KH Trials, but, right now, costs a ton less.

Plus, its super sexy. See?

does anyone know how long this price cut will last…?


i am now strongly looking into the onza but im kinda broke:( my parents said that i would have to buy my next uni, but im hoping that some of my friends will donate some money to the ‘mike needs a new uni foundation’:stuck_out_tongue:

what you should do, is tell your parents that the unicycle is on a HUGE price cut right now and you have to buy it within the next, I donno, week, or else it’ll go back up to $500. so they’ll buy it for you, but you’ll have to promise to pay them back soon.

thats a pretty good idea… but ill still have to pay them back anyway:p

I wonder how many parents from this forum would actually do htat, My parents won’t let me get another until i could smoothly idle and ride backwards.


Wait just a minute…I think the Onza that is $299 is really the 2003/2004 version, with the crappier cranks than the 2005 Onza. The new Onza that is $409 has the KH/Onza cranks.

Specs from

  • Hub/Axle: 3/4-inch splined, heat-treated steel
  • Crank Arms: 140-mm CrMo splined for strength, hollow for lightweight
  • Rim: Alex DX32 19-inch double-walled, 36-hole, black finish
  • Spokes: 14g stainless steel
  • Tire: Onza 20- x 2.5-inch
  • Frame: CrMo matt black finish
  • Pedals: Platform-style BMX with steel pins
  • Seat Post Clamp: Large double-bolted, black finish
  • Saddle: Onza brand contoured saddle with front lift handle and rear bumper guard
  • Seatpost: 27.2 mm wide

See? Nowhere does it say that it has the KH/Onza Hub so I’m thinking it must be the older version.

Can anybody else back me up on this?

hmmm, if you’re right, then…dang. does anyone remember if it said that it was the KH/Onza hub before the price cut?

that would be a real bummer… and how old are you e39m5 cause u seem about the same level as me learning to idle and ride backwards?

So would that be considered false advertisement if they were selling the one without the KH/ Onza hub and cranks for $299 and showed a pic of the new one?

14 unifanatic

Someone should just call UDC and find out if its the rigiht year. I’d really like to get it on the price cut if its beter than the qu-ax because otherwise i would just get the qu-ax at 299


Ive probably been riding for about a month and a halfish


someone should just e-mail them…I’ll do it I’ll do it!!

edit- just did it.

Hey, if you look closely it is in fact the Onza hub in the picture, not the onza/KH hub. So the question now becomes how strong is the onza 04/03 hub? i have heard some good things about it, of course it is not nearly as strong as KH/onza 2005 hub. but still might be worth it. But it does look a lot like the KH/onza hub, the problem is they both say onza. but if you look at the cranks they are of a diffrent design, also i don’t think there 36 spline.

James_Potter, i emailed them early this morning too, and i still havnt gotten a respons, how about you? and i did just notice that in the picture that it is indeed the KH / Onza hub and crank set. In the closeup of the hub you can see the KH sig. below the Onza logo, and on the cranks it looks like there are two logos not jst the onza one.

haha, whoops your right… odd the crank arms look diffrent, probaly just casue they are on the onza frame… yes, seems like false advertising to me to… odd… i am sure they didn’t mean to… mind you at that price i might as well buy the onza unicycle instead of a new wheel set for my old trials uni…

I haven’t gotten a reply yet either…but it’s the weekend, so they won’t reply until tomorrow at the earliest, not to mention they’ll have all the weekend mail to catch up on…

So I’ve been toying with the idea of calling and asking them if I can get the price cut, too. I know that sometimes stores will do that type of thing, but I don’t know if would. I just bought my uni two weeks ago. They probably wouldn’t be able to give me any refund or anything. What’d’ya think?