kh-onza hub problem

I just got done putting the crank arms on my new kh-onza hub and noticed i hadnt put enough spacers in mix of things so i went to take off the cranks… i needed about a four foot breaker bar because the fit was sooo tight. i got about 3/4 of the way off when the allen head screw stripped so now im stuck i have no uni to ride and im out of options for taking the crank off. i had put lube on the threads and everything, im pretty mad at alot of things but i was wondering if anyone else had the same problems or if anyone can think of how i can get the crank arm off.

i dont know if the crank is threaded at the end so im not sure if i can use a real crank puller. im thinkning about just dremeling the black washer that the bolt pushes against just so i can get the bolt out without having to drill, but then im stuck on how to get the crank arm off unless, again, its threaded
thanks for any suggestions

The cranks look fairly similar to profiles, so maybe an Evercraft bearing puller would do the job.

Thanks for the advice
i bet that would do the trick or atleast it would be worth a try

same EXACT thing happened to my kh but i was putting the cranks back on so now i have a crank thats halfway on. as for the black washer type thing just take two tooth picks and put them into the holes and twist. it comes out easy. then its a whole lot easier to get it off.

I remember trying to get a pair of new Profile cranks off a new Profile hub. It was really hard to get the cranks off. When the cranks are brand new they fit very tightly on the hub. It’s very tight. Once they have been used they loosen up a bit and they become much easier to remove and install.

Anyways, I had the same problem. I put the new Profile hub together and the spacers weren’t quite right for the frame. I needed to take the brand new cranks off so I could fiddle with the spacers. I had quite an exchange of swear words while trying to get those darn cranks off.

After that I discovered that the Evercraft bearing puller can be used to pull the Profile cranks off. Here’s a thread that shows how they fit on the crank: Profile maintenance. I assume that the KH cranks will also have a bulge that will give the bearing puller something to grab on to. If not, then try the U-bolt trick in the Profile maintenance thread.

You can get the Evercraft bearing/pulley puller at many different auto parts stores. I think the Evercraft one is a NAPA product, but I’ve seen others that have the same exact design as the Evercraft one. If you need one right away go look for a local NAPA store.

And be sure to put anti-seize on the splines before reassembling it. But it seems you’re already aware of that. Even with the anti-seize the brand new Profile style cranks can be very difficult to remove.

My '05 KH cranks have left hand thread crank bolt caps. The caps have 2 holes for pin spanner. One of the caps just loosened up on its own and fell out. Standard crank crank pullers and caps have right hand threads. Look for a crank puller with left hand threads. I don’t see a lip that could be used with a bearing puller.

I got it off, i did a combo of things, the washer on the end is screwed on so i screwed that off, which was hard becuase the bolt was pushing on it, so i took the screw in washer out then the allen headed bolt out then finally used a crank puller to get the crank off, the crank was far enough off where it wasnt that hard to get off it was just the combination of the bolt, washer, and crank that was on there, anyways im going to just convert my set up to a profile style with a real bolt, if i can find the right bolt, to me an allen head isnt the best way of making the whole thing go togather

thanks again

I didn’t think this was a lesson that needed learning, but i guess it is:

Don’t use a frickin’ 4’ breaker bar on an 8mm hex allen bolt! If it’s not loosening at that point, something’s wrong. My rule of thumb is don’t force it, there’s always another way.

They work great for the job, I once put my crank on backwards and couldnt get it off, bearing puller did hte job quite well.