KH/Onza hub assmebly order


Picked up a KH/Onza hub for a song from UDCUK. My question is, these hubs come with a whole array of different spacers and disks and parts. Does anyone have any sort of picture or diagram or even a description for how the hell this thing goes together?


It’s been a while since I’ve had one apart, but let’s see…

I can’t remember if there is a spacer between the bearing and the hub body, but there is a sleeve that shims the bearing on the spindle. Then the bearing goes on, then there is a sort of cone shaped spacer that goes flat side against the bearing, tapered side out, then the crank, and the bolt with the one key release disks. The extractor threads in the Onza arms are LH threaded so they won’t work with a normal removal tool. For the most part you don’t need it since the splines aren’t tapered. I think they intended the cranks to have the self extraction as the only option.

I can look at one of mine tomorrow.

I’d appreciate it. Pictures would be great too if possible though I’m sure I can figure it out from your description, just don’t have mine out in front of me at the moment!

Okay, I looked at my wheel, and it was pretty much like I described, but there are a couple of spacers that go along with the cone shaped spacer. They are different thicknesses, and you can put them inbound of the cone shaped spacer to get it as close to the frame without rubbing. You need all of them to get the correct spacing between the cranks and bearings.

I have silver anti-seize on my splines, so it looks a little messy, but better than having cranks that won’t come off!

Okay so it looks like mine is in order: bearing, thick spacer, cone thing, small spacer, crank, bolt, washer, extractor ring.

I have a thick split ring too. Where might that go?

does this help?

Thanks Roger. I guess I’ve had mine wrong for a few years. I’ll try it this way. I don’t think I have the expanding spline lock washers. Are those available?

the first generation ones don’t have expansion washers. If you do need some we have them here:

Perfect thanks!