kh/onza hub and cranks

They’re very sturdy i’ve done quite a few 5+ foot drops and they’re fine, I also like that the cranks come in 127mm which i think is much better for street, They don’t have a pinch bolt which is a big plus, and there is no nub to speak of.

yeah my dad’s got a pair of them they are so nice

Re: kh/onza hub and cranks

Why dont you like pinch bolts? I am kinda neutral on the topic. Just curious.

i grind on the back foot, so i would grind on the pinch bolt, which would dig into a concrete ledge and stop/slow me down, and after a lot of grinds the pinch bolt became a little deformed

I like the Q-factor of the new cranks. It makes a difference for me by keeping my feet away from the hub.

They seem very strong, I have only done 4’ drops at 170lbs, but I have had no problem. However I think I don’t have the bolts tight enough since if I hop with the other foot forward I hear a popping noise.

The only “problem” I have noticed in the design is that the laser etched logo on the cranks allows them to rust.

In my opinion, the hub and cranks are great.

I am most likely getting one of these hub/cranksets for my new muni. Am I also going to have to get a KH frame to fit the 42 mm bearings? Or can I use a different size of bearings to fit a different frame?

i’ve got a bedford frame with 40mm bearings on the kh/onza hub with 42mm bearings and i have no problems

How do you like your bedford? Is it a 24’’?
I’m thinkin of gettin a bedford black 24" MUni w/ KH cranks and an orange rim. Think that’d be good?
I’m still also considering the 2005 KH Freeride 24’’

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