Kh/onza crankset question.

I just bought a KH wheelset and to my suprise one of the cranks apears to be bent. I dont really know if it’s the crank or the axle that is bent and im wondering how many people have bent the KH/onza axle? I know alot of people have bent the cranks.

Do you mean the spindle is bent? It might be that the cranks aren’t on right, there are 36 splines on it so they might not be put on straight.

If you post a picture we could tell more easily what the problem is.

I checked that right away, and thats not it. I looked a bit closer and im pretty sure its the crank.

Ok it’s the crank, I took it off and put it against a flat surface. There’s a slight concave on one side and a slight convex on the other.

Oh and another thing, there’s alot of spacers and stuff on the hub, are all of the nessesary or can the be removed.

its bent? are you sure?

can you tell when you ride it?

edit: which crank is it?

The KH 2005 cranks are quite easy to bend, there’s 2 versions of them: 1.6mm walls and 1.8mm cranks. I’ve bent my first set in 2 weeks, and the second set in 2 days, I’m not waiting for the thicker cranks, but they’re not in stock at Europe so Roland has to get them shipped from Taiwan along with some other products.

Dustbin, are you sure you roke the 1.8mm? Are you sure you didnt get the 1.6mm again? Or did you do someting silly with bad technique…


They were both 1.6mm, I didn’t say the second was 1.8 did I? :expressionless: Blame my dutchness…