KH/Onza crank arms

I was recently given some KH/Onza hubs and was wondering if anyone had old crank arms laying around.

I would be interested in any of the shorter sizes. 127, 140 or 150mm

Let me know what you got, if they are a little bit rusty it is not a problem.

At the moment I only have one set of cranks, but it would be cool to be able to swap them from the 24" wheel to a 26. Would you be willing to part with one of your hubs?

Sure, plus it looks like I am getting some 150 and 165mm cranks coming my way as well (thanks Ken!).

sent you a PM

Still looking for 140s if anyone has some.

EDIT: for jtrops, which one do you want?

color doesn’t matter to me. You can keep the better one, and send along the other one. Thanks for your generosity.

Is the blue hub just painted or is it a different hub that happens to have the same splines?