KH/ONZA 165mm what to do with them?

So I am getting some 150’s from Phlegm along with a hub. After I exchange the cranks on my MUni witht the shorter 150’s I will be left with a hub and a set of 165’s. I really think the 165’s are too long, but I have only had them on the 24".

Would these be good for a 26?

Alternately, I am looking for a basic 20" cycle, would anyone have one to trade for this crankset?

I like 160s on my 26, never tried 165s and hate the feel of 170s. I also use 150s on a 24

If they aren’t to long to ride comfortably (like 170s for me) the 165s on a 26 should feel similar to how 150s feel on a 24.

That’s what I was kind of thinking. I have some old 26 inch rims laying around, so the wheel won’t be a big deal to throw together. I might have a friend (really good welder) mod a mtb fork into a uni frame and the rest should be pretty straight forward.

Oh, so you’re the one who outbid me! I was going to build a new 24 wheel for my oldest son’s muni (his DX hub has some slop) with those cranks and hub. I’m glad they went to someone here on the forums!

I too have a set of 165s (I went to 140s on my KH24) with no home or purpose. My middle son has a Nimbus 26er with dual-hole 165/137 cranks, and won’t even consider putting the pedals in the 165 holes. But he’s 14, skinny, and in great shape from running cross country, so his ability to spin those cranks may not equate to everybody’s. I will say that I had those dual-hole cranks on my KH29, but the 165 length still felt too long to me, and I switched back to the 150/125s.

If I can pick up a used KH/Onza hub sometime, I might try building it into a 36er wheel for big-wheel muni. You could do it first, and report on how well it works! :smiley:

I probably bid too high, but the alternative, Moment’s, would have been far more expensive.

I don’t want this crankset to go unused, but I am afraid that they will be too long for me. I have a pair of 150’s that I put on my 29’er that seem to be a good length for trail rides. Normally it’s running 125’s.

Hmm. I guess I’ll just have to work it out. If I can’t use them I will get rid of them. I can’t have more random bike/cycle stuff laying around. In the end they may go on Ebay really cheap.

I have 170’s on my 24, and they feel like pedaling a box. It’s kind of hard to pedal smoothly, esp at speed, like trying to maintain my momentum up hills.

I’ve tried a '05 KH w/ 165 and I was surprised how much of a difference that 5 mm made. I had no difficulty in pedaling smoothly and maintaining my momentum for climbing hills was definitely easier. But when it got so steep that I was doing half cranks, the 170’s were easier also they still gave more control in technical spots and control my speed a tad better on decents.

I’m going to stick w/ my long 170’s until I can ride up my local fire roads.

The 165’s on a 26" could be good. W/ the added torque and larger wheel diameter, it’d roll over stuff better. But it seems to me that most on hear who have a 26 and prefer it, are very experienced riders and run shorter 150 cranks.

Make smaller cranks… like 110s… ( O======O => O===/===O => O===O )