kh on weather channel

kris holms is on the weather channel righ now. haven’t seen him ride but they r doing a thing on bc and he is taking about his real job.


what “real job”

hes a geologist

The show was on mountain biking at whistler. he talked abit about how the mountains were formed and stuff then he was talking about how mountain biking has changed and about north shore. he never rode in the show though they never even mentioned he unicycled.

He’s a geologist.

I think it’s cool when people say Kris Holms. It’s so cool. No sarcasm.
It’s always funny how worked up people get.

oh. really geologist huh. i thought hed make enough money selling 500$ unicycles…tons of them! they are the best.

yea i know

Yeah, because it’s so cool to be ignorant. :thinking:

You should see some of these people that work in government buildings that can’t even say my last name properly, they spit out something that you can’t even figure out what they said.

If you think I’m worked up over him spelling and not capitalizing Kris’ name, I’m not. I am simply trying to inform him that there is no letter S on the end of Holm, unless you are using his name possessively, in which case, he forgot an apostrophe. In that case, it would be grammatically incorrect.

First person to pick apart all my mistakes gets 20ml of Visine in their drink.

Have a good night, I have school tomorrow, I get to build a Spaghetti tower that has to hold 1kg minimum, and then fix teachers cars for marks. Did I mention I’m going to win with my Spaghetti tower?

He probably makes significantly less from those Unicycles than you think.

Unicyclist and Gituarist!

It is quite funny but the name of the WASP giruarist is Chris Holmes.
WASP is a heavy metal band that has been around from the 80’s. They are very good!


I know, I know! You’re totally right but for some reason I think it’s totally awesome when people call him Holms. I don’t understand it really, I just think it’s cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be correct as a plural, as in “Don’t forget to pick up plenty of pasta on the way home tonight–the Holms are coming over for dinner.”

Speaking of apostrophes … “fix teachers’ cars”

When do I get my Visine? :wink:

Tonight at dinner.

Will you be serving left over spaghetti?

Of course, Pasta is my favourite food.

their singer also used to have a thing on his crotch that was like a firework. that is until it blew up during one of there concerts.

Probably very little of that $500 makes it in his pocket, and he probably sells hundreds, not thousands per year.

He deserves to be well-off for his contribution to the sport, and I hope he ends up that way.

Yeah, WASP is a hell of a band!
I saw them last year - without Chris Holmes though. I was astonished at their spectacular performance!

“I wanna be somebody”