KH on ebay

This uni is on ebay just thought i would let you guys know

not a bad deal with all stuff he put on it

Especially the carbon fiber seat

Wow…that used to be Bryan Stevens im almost possitive…Awesome deal :slight_smile:

Looks nice, but is it by any chance your own unicycle? (and you’re talking about yourself in third person? :p)

nope, it’s not his. He does have a kh 05 though.

He doesnt have a KH anymore…he rides an orange bud. He had that exact same seat…and he said the guy he got it from was like 90 lbs…Its ovbiously Bryan…Is that who you are thinking of?

No Its Not My uni I just posted here to let u guys know about it
thats why I was refering to the guy in third person
Sufer1024 was saying that I have a 05 KH, which is true

He’s from Chicago and the offer is shipping from Massachusets, so Surfer’s right…

BTW, welcome to the forums

XCcrev is my friend from my neighborhood.

I ended getting this unicycle off ebay. It just arrived today in good condition. I wish my town wasn’t in the middle of a week long rainstorm so I could take it for a ride =/

Looks like you got a good deal what did it sell for???
last I checked it was 260

I got it for $307. Seemed like a pretty good deal to me

that is a pretty sweet unicycle for $307, I would have bid on it but the seller would not ship to Canada.

enjoy your new ride

Very nice

I’m curious how do you like the handle? It seemed a little square but pretty strong and beefy.

Funny that you mentioned that, because the handle just broke yesterday. It was a little rough on the hands anyway. I’m really happy with the uni overall so far, though.