KH/Nimbus Trials, nimbus wheelset, and bc wheel


I am selling the trials as i have a new custom street/flat uni. its is very good and all parts and around 6 months old or less.

KH 07 wheeset
KH moment 137mm cranks
odyssey pedals
nimbus II trials frame powdercoated blue
silver qu ax clamp
aluminium post
Nimbus gel saddle, (only 3 of the 4 bolts to attach to the post)
Maxxis creepy crawler +tube (lots of tread left)

This is a great uniycle which has had over £250 spent on it, i am lookin for around £180 as it hasnt been used much.

As you can see, the back of the frame is scratched but this could not be help, it has just been knocked by stones flicked up from the tyre

Also included is a packet of pins for the pedals

Postage will be around £15-£20, if you want pick up is available

BC wheel

This is the BC wheel:
i made it from the front wheel of my diamondback joker bmx and the nimbus BC plates

Diamondback 14mm axle 48 spoke front wheel
diamondback crewcuts tyre and tube
Nimbus BC plates

NOTE: The hub wobbles around on the axle, i dont know how it happened but it doesnt effect riding the wheel. (It was very noticable on my BMX which is why i used it on my BC, which i found it wasnt noticable on.)

How does £40+shipping sound?

Nimbus wheel

I am also selling this as it is laying unused, i am also throwing in the chrome Nimbus II frame as i also have no use for it.

42mm wide nimbus trials rim (i think the same as the 06KH)
silver spokes
Nimbus ISIS hub
chrome nimbus II frame
Nimbus seatclamp

I’m looking for around £60+shipping, PM me with an offer

i will get a few more pictures soon but photobucket is horribly slow atm

The trials is now £160
It has no seat (i snapped yet another one) but i will through in a white try all tyre which has been ridden for about a week!

Also a brand new aluminium post will be included

I’m just curious really, but how fast do you have to go to get stones to chip off as much paint as that?


really i have no idea, it looks worse in the picture, i think its just been a mixture wear and tear, and stone chips. (although ive only had it 6 months)


this is a sick uni but i live in the us… would u be willing to ship it and if so how much would that cost me?

i would ship to the us but i just looked and DHL international would charge £135 to ship. i dont know if you could find it cheaper, im not very good at looking for stuff like this