KH Muni

So I decided after long consideration to sell my KH26. Sorry the tires are dirty.

You will get two tires WTB Stout 26x2.3 and Duro Wildlife 26x3 (on the unicycle in the pictures). It has KH 150 Moments.

The issues with the unicycle is there is a small tear in the saddle cover (pictured below) and I cut the seat post (pictured at highest setting)

Optional accessories:
pedals, pictured below you can let me know which pedals you want

if you are tall I do have a brand new standard KH seat post (we could work something out )

and also pictured a brand new green KH Freeride saddle cover (never used, if interested)

Asking price is $450 plus shipping (US only it wouldn’t be worth it for anyone outside of the US)

It’s not getting ridden enough and with summer coming I’d rather see it being used. Thanks.


seat rip.jpg

Green Freeride saddle cover.jpg

local friend interested. :sunglasses:
I emailed you.

Didn’t receive an email, not in spam folder either. :frowning:

On hold, 2 weeks, pending payment. Thanks.

Unicycle is sold, thanks MuniOrBust and friend.