KH muni

I have a 24" KH muni for sale. They aren’t in the pic, but it does come with brakes. Everything on it is in great condition, except that the pedals (titanium/magnesium flats) have fused to the 150mm cranks. I also have a pair of 165mm cranks to go with it. Looking for 300 bucks

If it’s to someone local I’ll throw in a BC wheel for free while supplies last.


still have it?

Hi ,
i would like to know if it s possible to send it to Peru , if yes , what about the price of shipping?!!!

Fuera de Ruta
Unicycle in the white cordillere

Here are some more pics as per a few requests.

I haven’t had time to grab a box yet, so get quotes on shipping but I’m hoping to do that tomorrow. I’ll ship wherever people will pay.

helps if you wash it!

Probably do that tomorrow, helps if I wasn’t trying to make a living.

No washing! A dirty uni is a happy uni!

but when it is washed it shows it was taken care of.

And a dirty uni shows that it was taken care of also :slight_smile: