KH Muni for sale

I have a relatively brand new 2004 KH 24" Muni for sale. It has the original snafu pedals, hydraulic V brake and the granddad of all tire the Gazzoloodi. Very few scratches and works magnificent. E-mail me at if your interested or post here. I will be more likely to respond if you e-mail me though. I’m not sure how much i want for it. Make me an offer and we’ll go from there. I have plenty of pics so just let me know

If noone else buys the muni, I’m interested in the frame. PM me if you don’t get any other offers.

Me too, but maybe the brakes also.

I’m interested in the whole ride.

I’m looking for about $400-$450 i have pics from every angle is you want them just e-mail me.

thanks, Matt