KH Muni 24" primo pedals

Ive had this uni since 05 but Ive decided i want to get more into trials rather than mountain
I added the primo aluminum pedals and it is in good working order. Normal wear, nicks and scratches from mountain riding/dropoffs etc
the seat cover starting coming off on the left side, just needs to be restapled. the wheel is slightly out of tune but it still rides fine as is. Duro tire still has plenty of life. has brake post and mounts

$300 obo
or WILL TRADE for nice trials uni of similar value!

This unicycle will probably not sell for $300.
It is five years old, unicycling has come a long way since then. You might get ~~ $200. It sounds like it’s in rough shape. ~~ $350 can buy a vastly superior unicycle (nimbus 24er) for new.

I think the same. I doubt it would got more than 150-200$

Any mountain or trials Uni that’s been used is going to have similar wear. They get beat up but still work for a long time. I just put it up here for the hell of it. I don’t expect 300 really. I’m open to offers so just seein what will happen. Its 5 yrs old but its a 500 dollar Uni regardless. if someone only offers a couple hundred then oh well.
ive been outa the scene a few years :confused: