KH Muni 06

Hey guys i am selling a Kh Muni 24" 2006 model. Good condition and im thinking of selling it for $600:)
BTW im from Australia

Any takers?

$600? is it still stock?
Its not really that much more to get a brand new one.
If it comes down later i might consider it.
i Dont reckon you will get $600 though.

i would consider this if it was not so expensive, tis not that much more for new one.

speaking of which, udc hasn’t knocked down the price for the old one yet.

ya if you lower the price 200-250 dollars you might have some buyers. 600 is kinda steep considering you can buy an 07 for 500


where can you get an 07 KH for 500 australian? you’d be lucky to get it for 795

600 isnt too bad for a 24" kh 06 model, if it is the freeride which goes for about 825 on UDC.

he probably didn’t notive everyone repliying here was australian…


ya sorry guys I thought he was talking about u.s. dollars. in that case it looks like a pretty good deal.

i would still rather save and get a new one though. especially at when it is only $150 odd more

650 NZD

Shipping to australia = 60 NZD

which “710NZD in AUD” via google = $616
less GST 12.5%

for a NEW 2006 model Freeride.

I just ordered one.

Hey there,

Is it a KH freeride or XC?

Also, where abouts are you in Australia?


They’re $520 new in the US.