KH Moments?

okay so im getting my new unicycle soon and i figured that its gonna be a nimbus trials =). Now i realized everyone says to get moment cranks. my question is why and how i can add the moments o my purchase. Do i have to buy them seperately? whats the difference between the moments and the KH isis cranks. Are they the same thing? also, im 6 foot so what size cranks do you reommend. thanks guys!

Just select the KH ISIS crank of your choice from the pull down menu when you order it from UDC. I do not know what size to recommend. Perhaps someone else will step in …

Excellent choice.

Why? They’re much stronger. I went through 3 pairs of standard cranks before I grasped the idea that the Moments are worth it. Don’t make the same mistake.

How? When you’re ordering there is a drop down menu for crank choice. Select it from there.

No. It will make up the difference in cost between the standard cranks and the Moments so that you’re just replacing the other cranks. Does that make sense?

Nothing. They are indeed the same thing.

I’d go with the 125s. I’ve tested quite a few lengths, and these feel the best to me. I’m 6’1".

Crank lenght and body height are not comparable. You have to choose what kind of riding you want to do.

Get 125 when you want to ride street.
Get 137 when you want to ride trials or when you want a uni for everything.

If youre not sure what you want to to, get 137.

yeah the 137’s are great for trials. if of course your a trials rider. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mainly ride street and trials and I would reccomend 137’s even if you are only going to ride street. 137’s feel a lot smoother then 125’s and I know this from experience (not saying that you guys don’t have it).

The 137’s can be used for street. with the 125’s you can just go faster and do faster crankflips. but is possible to do flips with the 137’s of course… just look at shaun johanneson…

And me.:stuck_out_tongue:

For trials you will want 137s.

Dude, not saying you don’t have experience with both lengths, but if you think 137s are “smoother”, than you have not fully experienced 125s. Sure its all personal opinion, but the reason you would want 125s for street is because they are infact “smoother”, as well as faster. You’ve got some facts jumbled and your only gonna confuse people.

125’s + going fast and jumping=harder to land=less smooth

… i think that’s what he’s saying
i definitely prefer the 137s.
125s are ok

Harder to land does not equal less smooth.

I think he is saying that it looks less smooth, not that the cranks feel less smooth.

Depends on who is doing the riding.

I tend to find a lot of people’s riding with 137’s to be very jerky, they tend to stop rolling right before they hop and right after they land, but with 125’s it is harder to do this, so with a better rider I find it looks much better. With a worse rider, they still do the small stop before and after but they have less control over it so it is more apparent.

What about 110’s for street?

haha that would be funny to see

Okay thanks for all the support guys, I truely appreciate it. Now that I know how and why I should order the Moments, I need to know what size I should get. Im starting to get into trials but I still don’t know if im a street person. Any suggestions on what size cranks I should get? Personal experiences and opinions would be a great help!


And why? I might just get some, not that I’m a good street rider or anything…


125s are great for street and roll very smoothly, but are a bit unstable for trials.

137s are great for trials and still work perfectly for street.

137s are better for both street and trials than 125s are for trials. So, if you are possibly into both trials and street the best crank length for you would be 137s, that is why that length exists.

With that said 125s can work for trials, but they are not ideal, especially if you are a newer rider.

Hope this clear things up for you.

Im sorry i’m like bringing this thread back from the dead:D But i have a question that i dont believe deserves its own thread. The koxx trials wheel set im getting is only made with 140mm cranks do you think the 3mm difference will make much of a difference to my riding and how good it is??? obviously when i get enough money after buying it(which will take a while)i will probably buy KH moments but lets not look too far ahead eh?:wink:

I don´t think so, I think :roll_eyes: