KH Moments or QU-AX CrMo

Do you think I should get KH Moments or QU-AX CrMos? I need new cranks because my QU-AX 10s are sqeaking too much. The pinch bolt comes lose after one jump.


You know you’ll need an isis hub right? I ride the quax cromo’s, I heard they are lighter than moments.

And supposedly better for crankrolls and flatland.

Probably because of the collar they have above the crank bolt. If that is ground down, so they are ankle friendly, they have pretty much the same amount of space as moments do.

Tighten the clamp bolt down w/ blue Locktight @ the max tourque (I think it’s 25 ft.lbs, but I’m not possitive) and clean the bolt and threads w/ alcohol first. If it still loosens up use the red (if you do, you might not ever get it off though).

I hear the red will come off if your heat it up. I’m not how safe it is to heat uni parts up that hot, or if it will affect the strength at all.

Let me just say this…

QU-AX ISIS cromo cranks do not have ankle nubs! (unless it’s an older version or something…)

You mean these ones? It look like a fair sized nub to me. I have some coming in the mail, I guess I’ll see when they get here.

They don’t have pinch bolt nubs, the one’s I have do have ankle nubs.

I’m pretty sure even single pair has them. Why does every body say they have no numbs? I ground mine off. I also just got mine recently, so it’s probably not due to what batch they were made in.

Thats still the old picture. The nub got shortened by 2mm in the batch after those. They are now nubless (does that word even exist?).

No nubs on the Qu-ax CrMOs. I kinda wish there were, but oh well. I like them more than the Moments. For me its a meterial preference. They are also noticeably lighter.

i’ve bent allen keys in half tightening those bolts.
they are not weak.
i would put like 50lbs and blue loc-tite.