kh moments on nimbus isis trials

are the kh moments absolutely necessary on the nimbus isis trials?
should i just buy it stock until the cranks break?
i weigh 115 and dont know if they break easily

You save money if you buy them as an upgrade. Might as well go for it.

The way I see it is that everything will break eventually if it is not good quality, and as you get better you put more and more strain on your uni, so it’s best to get the moments straight away.

KH Moments on Nimbus

Go for the upgrade!
I weigh in at 115kg and so far I’ve bent the ones that came on my Nimbus ISUS, ripped the thread out of the left crank needing a helicoil to temporary fix it and now the splines have just gone.
I bought some moments from UDC when the thread came out and I’ve just put them on. (too frigthened of scratching them now)

Wish I’d had them as the upgrade now… They were £40 to by seperate.

The Nimbus is a good uni though, I’ve done some jumping up and down on it and it’s still going strong!