Kh moments dual hole

137/165mm KH dual hole cranks. Used ONCE!!! Will swap for 137mm ISIS cranks in good condition or NZ$100

I am curious why 137mm cranks are preferable to the dual holes? You say only used once - why didn’t you like them? I am not a potential buyer - just curious. Thanks.


What does PM’d mean?

Anyways I sold these on Trademe, so they are no longer for sale.

I ride ‘aggressive’ muni with 150’s. I decided to listen to some ppl on this forum and went with longer cranks. It did not miraculously transform my climbing ability, in fact from a pedal alignment point of view it was much worse.There wasn’t much difference from a torque point of view either, in fact it was just plain uncomfortable. Whats improved my muni is just what I thought would: skill, not gear. I’ve been doing 1 legged drills with both legs and am amazed at how much my overall muni ability has improved. I’m able to ride over logs with my 150’s!! Incidentally I couldn’t do that with the 165’s.

I ride with 137’s for light XC muni, so hence the 137’s would have been a good swap. One of my current 137’s has a loose pedal insert which keeps coming undone and the rattling noise is driving me NUTS! :angry:

It means Private Messaged. Sounds like you could use some loctite (or similar thread locker) on your loose insert.