Kh moments and rollo disks

Hi, I am getting a new unicycle in the near future and I am trying to be sure of what parts I’m getting. I know I am almost for sure going to get kh moments, but I am not sure about getting rollo disks. I would like to do rolling wraps and other crank tricks, so I am trying to decide if I need or would greatly benefit from getting rollo disks. What do people with rollos think of them? I am using bike cranks that are about 15mm wide. How wide are moments? Would moments already be a huge improvement? Would rollos cut the learning time and make tricks easier and more fun? Sorry, a lot of questions.
Thanks everyone,

moments are about 20mm wide. ive tryed rollos but to me they stick out way to much and i hit my anckles on them. id say they dont make much of a difference for the extra surface area to stand on. rolls arnt impossible without them

Thanks, would they be good if you only used them for tricks and not regular riding?

I used to ride rollo’s all the time, once you get used to them, they’re fine for all types of riding, and they really help a lot for rolls.

Iv had my rollos for like 10 months, and have hit my ankle on them once :stuck_out_tongue: and not even hard! Some people seem to just hit them lots…

And of course i’d never turn back from rollos :slight_smile: unless you’re doing unispins and you slam them into your shin. Ouch.

Thanks guys, so if you both like them would you say that they are worth $30? They sound good. I do a lot of unispins but I could take them off, and I don’t usually hit my ankles. They might make unispins easier.

Yeah keep in mind, very, very easy to put on and take off.

Not a lengthy review but a little summthin’ …

Thanks, so from what you guys are saying they sound great. I might have to get some with my uni. A few more questions. Are they taken on and off simply using an Allen key? Would skate shoes compared to running shoes also improve stability?
Thanks again,

Yes and yes. 8mm and flat sole.