KH Moments 165/137 Double and 165 Single

Need these ASAP for my new wheel arriving this weekend :slight_smile:

No thrasher stuff, good to excellent condition with surface scratches is fine, no gouges, going rate for discontinued cranks per UDC:

165’s are $50 new plus shipping
165/137’s were $63 plus shipping

Send a PM with details.

I need a set to me by Friday (37830, TN), so let me know ASAP otherwise I’ll order a set from UDC…

KH 165/137 moments

I have a pair that have minimal scratches, I would term them more as scuffs-but NO gouges. These were ultra lightly used-I had them on a 36 and found them to be too long, and too heavy. $50 + shipping.

Papa, see my PM

Papa didn’t come through so I’m still looking for some 165 Moments, anyone?

PM Sent.