KH Moments 150mm

Must be in good condition, post pics, will pay by Paypal.

I have a pair, I can take a picture of them in 2 days because I dont have them with me right now. I dont have paypal though… If you’re interested we can find another method of payment. Just PM me if you are.

I also have a pair… That I really also want to get rid of… I can also send pics, and I could use my parents paypal to sell them to you if needed!
I’ve ridden them maybe twice only. Since I made an error buying them online, picked the wrong length. (on a 20 inch haha)

Ed, see PM

I have a set, they are slightly scuffed, but no real damage because I can’t do real tricks.
I can post pictures if you need me to, Let me know. =)

Hey Riot, I sent you a PM with my email, send pics when you can.

150 cranks

Hi Ben,

If you haven’t already bought, I have a pair and am planning to be in Asheville so you could have a look then.

Chris Skelton

Sounds good Chris, I’ll take them.

Git some, thanks Chris!!

Got some, thanks Chris!!