KH Moment ISIS hub, cranks

I am living in Australia, Tasmania to be presice(sp?) and i cannot find anywhere where this hub is available unless i purchase from over seas. Anyone out there know of something i may have missed, a place local, please.

Some place local like a ‘local shop’ (league of gentlemen) but slightly more accomidating(sp?)


i think if you ask gary he could ship it in for you

I know there is UDC Australia, but sadly they aren’t as stocked and up-to-date as the other UDCs.

Most people I hear about the are in Australia and buy unicycle parts, order from UDC Germany. I am not sure what shipping is from there and other prices, but I know a few other people have bought from them and had it shipped overseas. I even thought about doing that. =p

If anything, you should try calling up UDC Australia, and see if they can order you a KH Moment hub/crankset from another UDC location. You would think that would be able to order from another UDC to get parts for you just like an LBS will order things for you from other shops and dealers.

Good luck getting the hub and cranks. I am getting them too. :smiley:

try udc new zealand

really cheap

really good

Tasmania isnt part of Australia…lol jks!

Have you checked UDC New Zealand? they may have them and I’m pretty sure it works out to be cheaper to get them from there anyway. If they don’t you could always ask Gary Land if he has any avaiable.

hey thanks for the help guys, Tasmania to me is its own country :wink: a pretty shite one apart from the clean enviroment and nice rainforests, which are being destroyed anyway. i have checked UDC new zealand but alas they had no Hub advertised. I will give gary and email before the end of the week. i can no longer stand my ridicuosly bent nimbus hub/cranks. i am beggining to rub on the spokes with the crank and some times it just jams.

haha, wow, they must be seriously bent.

Theres also a cheaper alternitave (sp?) by getting the Qu-Ax splined cranks (the yellow hub). It’s really strong and will hold up for a long time, plus you can get it from NZ shipped for like $180AUS.

there bent and loose, i am surprised they havnt broken.
i considered the Qu-Ax but i am not paying for them so KH is the go!
i am going to buy the Qu-Ax Muni sometime after christmas.

Here’s the quickest answer available…
KH '07 Crankset will be out of stock in NZ until about April 2007 (next shipment of Unicycle stuff to UDC (NZ)) due to great demand for them locally (ie. they sold out within weeks of arrival).

talk to mal at udc australia. he probs wont have them but its worth a try. i have found that the udc australia website isnt always up to date and they often have stuff in stock that isnt on the site.

otherwise new zealand is the next closest. if not there then most people get their stuff from germany.


UDC Australia have 05 KH hubs in 150mm and 165mm crank lengths, but I take it you have a trials unicycle and want a shorter crank length. We at NZ have sold out of KH Moment hubs for several months. If you are truely desperate and can’t wait til new stock arrives, we could sell you a KH 04 hub with 140mm or 127mm cranks for NZD220 plus shipping. Send me a PM or email if you’re interested. tony [at]

Damn i think my christmas present to me will have to come a little later.

i won my kh from gary so (fart noise).

KH Splined ISIS Hubs and cranks

We are expecting them in Australia in Early December.

really, sweet. just in time for christmas…
all this money saving will serve a purpose.