KH Moment hub

I’m thinking about selling the extra KH moment hub I have. Here is the story behind the hub. Please read and follow along
I purchased a new KH24 from UDC in January of this year. After a month the hub seem to be creaking. I checked all bolts and spokes, everything was tight. I swapped the pedals and cranks, it still creaked. I called UDC and their fixed was to replace the hub with a nimbus hub so they sent me a new hub. I had a bike shop laced the new nimbus hub. After one ride the nimbus hub creaked. Swapped the pedals and cranks. It stilled creaked. I took it to UDC since I’m local in Georgia and UDC swapped the shims with smaller shims. Now the creak is gone!!!.
So I don’t think the KH Moment hub was ever the problem. The hub is only 2 months old with less than 50 miles on it. Not sure what it is worth since I did have a creaking problem but the problem seems to be from the shims and not the hub.
If we need a price I would say 75.00. Just let know if you have any questions

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I gave a try :stuck_out_tongue: (see PM)

Sold, Thanks Sidd