KH Moment hub with previous gen of KH29 frame?

Hi all,

I tried to find in RSU archives something that would tell me whether or not it is possible to fit the current KH Moment hub onto my KH29 frame, knowing that the frame I’ve got is from the previous generation (i.e. made for the KH/Onza 36-splined hub).

I believe that there is no problem as far as the bearing spacing, as it is 100mm in both cases. But what about the bearings as fitted on the Moment hub with the bearing holders of this “old” :slight_smile: KH29 frame?

I know that they are both 42mm external diameter, but will my bearing holders be happy with the 20mm width of the Moment hub’s bearings?

You will have understood the reason why I’m asking the question: I would love to upgrade my old KH29 to the Moment hub/cranks!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cheers, MadC.

I don’t know what I am tallking about but both have 100mm spacing and 42mm bearings so they should be compatible

Onza Bearing Spacing: 100mm Centre to centre.
Moment standard 100mm spacing

My 2007 moment hub and crankset fits perfectly fine into my 2005 KH 24" muni frame. You are good to go my friend.

Thanks for the good news, guys!

Now is the time for me to go and spend some money… :smiley:

Cheers, MadC.

How can’t you use a KH Schlumpf hub on a 2005 KH? I’m sure I read that somewhere.