KH Moment flanges

hey, issue is that my flanges look pretty out of shape and i think it is normal as they will distort as the spokes pull on them BUT my good friend saam has told me to ask on here if it is normal for them to bend into funky shapes…

to me it just looks like when the spokes have pulled the flange has bent over making it line up with the spoke a bit more, so yer.

is it normal?
should i stress about it?

ALSO, how much stronger are 13 guage spokes compared to 14 guage spokes? as yesterday i broke 4 spokes in one go right dowm where they go through the hub flange, uni currently has 14 guage spokes.


flanges are actually supposed to flex a little bit. I don’t know how much, or much about this particular hub, but i do know that 13 ga. spokes are going to be WAY stronger. like you wouldn’t believe.

post a picuture of your problem.
with the spokes are they the ones that hit on grinds or pedal grabs if you are too far over

They shouldn’t get that bent out of shape, but it happens. I bent my flanges on my Koxx one hub and just bent them back, now everything is good as new. I’m sure you could do it with a KH flange, they are pretty similar.

yer camera is charging, i pedalgrab with me right foot, spokes broke on left side, i figure it is because i twisted a bit to my right just as i landed, also made a good big flat spot in the rim, have got most of it out now tho.

and yer i know the 07 kh unis have 13 gauge spokes so i am thinking it may be worth having my wheel laced up with 13’s if they continue to break on me.

pic coming soon

here are some pics of the spokes and flanges…

yeah i dont think bending them back will help as they will just bend back to how they are now, i think that once they make a straight line with the spokes to where they r connected to the hub then thats as far as theyl go, but i am just asking as saam seemed concerned.

flange 1.JPG

flange 2.JPG

flange 3.JPG

broke spokes.JPG

Ouch, i hope that doesnt happen to all of them.


how tight are your spokes?

pretty but not ridiculously, do you think it would be worth making them a tad looser? or tighter?

Can you move them with your fingers at all? if so they arent too tight.

yeah well if i squeeze em just near where they cross i can get em to move about 1-2mm each like 2mm is the absolute max and that is squeezeing pretty well but not useing both hands or a hammer…

It’s tight, not too tight. I hope my hub doesnt bend in that much.

but you dont ride…

thanks for clearing up the spoke tension issue

I haven’t broken any spokes but my flanges are just like that. They’re meant to deform a bit.

yeah thats what i was thinking, bt saam convinced me to check anyways

This can happen with crankgrabs and grinds.
Then you could hit the hub flange prety hard and bent the hub inside.
I have the same problem.
But it’s no big deal, you still can ride it.

Peter M

yeah i only ever pedal grab and i do not grind or crank grab, as it is easier to go to rubber from pedal than from crank…

i know what the cause of it is, i was just checking if my thinking of ‘thats normal’ was correct, and i now know it is.

Hmm… I seem to remember Kris saying in his 07 products thread that they were supposed to bend and deform a bit. I don’t feel like digging through it though, because it’s like 400 posts long.

Come to think of it, when I crank grab (not pedal grab) I sometimes see a tiny bit of paint off of whatever I grab onto left on the spokes if I go too far over. Seems like I should use pedal grabs more often, that can’t be good for the spokes.

That doesnt seem like the “flex” kris had talked about in the 07 kh thread. Those flanges look permanently bent to me.

Is this problem with the 07 Kh uni?