KH Moment Dual 110/137 cranks


I am loosely looking for a set of KH Moment dual holes 110/137 cranks.
(If you have KH Moment 110 or KH Moment 125, it can be interesting too).

As usual, I tend to prefer trades (parts list in my signature) but otherwise, name your price.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have a doubt that maybe Moments Dual were 110/125 instead (?).

Anyway, this is for any Moment Dual cranks in 110/something :smiley:

110/137 is existing with Spirit only
110/127 is existing with Moment and Spirit

Thanks for the validation bouin-bouin. I had a doubt after posting the new thread and preferred to clarify that it is the only KH Moment combination I am looking for and not the new Spirit possibilities :slight_smile:

And I think there is a slight difference between the Moment (110/125) and the Spirit (110/127)…