KH Moment Double-hole ISIS Cranks

Are these cranks much weaker then regular Moments? Are they still stronger than say, Nimbus Ventures? (don’t laugh, I’m new to this)

They would be very handy as I have not tried different crank lengths yet and these would suit me perfectly in 125/150mm I think.

I am getting a Nimbus MUni (not quite sure what size yet) and I think I will use the stock cranks until they break then get Moments as soon as I can afford them. I think the extra $20 would be worth it to get ‘2 cranks in one’.

In theory, if I have the pedals on the 125mm length, they are no weaker than regular 125mm Moments? right?

hea welcome. i have 137/165 double holes and i love them mthey are just as storng as normal they can withstand alot of punsihment. they are worth getting but for a muni i have a 24" with 137/165 and they are good because when going up step hills you can put the pedals in 165s and you will have much more tork going up.

Do you carry a wrench with you to change the pedals over? Or is there some kind of quick release?

no but in my little tool bag thing i have a little adjustable spanner which i dont really use i normal just leave it in the one hole. but i think some bike shops do have QR for that kind of thing or can get them in. but i’m not total sure.
but they are worth getting if you do alot of MUni or road riding

I have the 125/150’s on my 29er, and it’s definitely worth it! It’s a great option if the terrain you ride on varies quite a lot. Moments are waay overbuilt, so I would doubt anyone could break them under normal riding
As for the length, anything over 150 just seems too long for me. That’s my crank length of coice for any size muni wheel. I have all the torque I need, and they spin much better than 160’s or 170’s, so I find its easier to carry momentum. I will say, on my 29er, a longer crank could be advantageous for some super steep climbs, and drops, but it would kill me on the flats. I trashed my knees biking, and long cranks are torture when uniing, or biking w/ my seat too low.

Oh by the way, I carry a nice, lightweight, non- ajustable park spanner wrench to change my pedals around. Generally i’d just leave them set for the duration of the ride, however sometimes, I’ll use the 125 hole for street and rail trail riding, and switch over to 150 for tech singletrack, and switch back for the ride home. But that’s just longer rides. The wrench weighs very little, but it gives me the option to switch if my plans change.