KH Moment 135/165mm cranks!

OK, this tap set works great! I’ve done my ProWheels to 125/150mm on my Nimbus 24, and just finished my KH Moments. I did the 150’s as 125/150mm on my KH24, and here is the process for doing the 135/165mm on my KH29.

I’ve put on 10 miles on the KH29 the other day, and the pedals were still tight. I have’t gone as far on the KH24, but so far, no loosening.

I love it!

Here are the detailed photos of drilling and tapping the cranks:

Final 135/165mm cranks before buffing and compounding:

Thats pretty cool for those wanting custom lengths, still would prefer uring inserts but if your pedals dont wreck the threads then sweet as.
PS. that shirt in your avatar is awesome, any plans to print some?

Nice job. 135/165 seems like a great length combo for the KH29.

Nice job, thanks for the detailed pictures!

Awsome! It’s kinda scary in the picture seeing a KH crank in a vice half drilled and shavings all over the place. But they came out pretty good!

They might be able to do it for those who don’t have access to the machinery.