KH minty seats, 2 disk brakes, new KH 127/150 cranks

Fusion free ride black : slightly used, little bit of wear on front and rear bumper. Used about two times. 55 shipped.

Fusion street black : not used. No wear at all except i was cutting the post with the seat on and two corners of one side of the bumpers have a scuff from leaning the seat/ post on the floor. (Stupid me) 55 shipped.

Kh 127/150 spirit cranks, new never used. Took it off when it came with my unicycle. Pedals never installed on it. Absolutely brand new. Has a few very hard to see scratches that the kh cranks usually come with straight from factory/shipping. 105 shipped.

Brake setup 1: mt2 2016 magura 160 brake setup. Slightly used. Has some scuffs on lever and caliper. Not sure how. Used about 30 times. Comes with the d brake caliper mount, brake lever mount, lever attached to the line to the caliper. The brake caliper 160 adaptor/boss and a 160mm rotor. Rotor and pads have wear obviously from stopping. rotor is still functional but i believe the rotor isnt absoulutely true but i never was an expert on setting up the brakes. The rotor might rub during rotation but i was able to use washers to fix that. Either case consider a new rotor needed if you want a perfect true rotor or you can bend them if you are handy. Comes with all screws and extra washers that ive used. 110 shipped.

Brale setup 2: same brake as above, magura mt2 2016 disk brake. New never used. Comes with lever attached to the line to the caliper, with a 160 rotor that has slight wear as i switched rotors with the other brake above during an install. Used one or twice on the rotor only. Comes with the brake caliper 160mm adaptor/boss. Rotor also could be not true might need another rotor which is very cheap anyhow. The line on this is longer and you would need to cut them and then bleed them. If you are handy you can avoid bleeding by following the mt2 guide on youtube which i saw some time ago but can’t find atm. Everything in this package is new condition except rotor. Comes with all screws and stuff 60 shipped.

Brake setup 3: testing waters, brand new kh26 shimano brakes. Never used and taken off the KH on day one. Comes with kh lever mount, kh caliper mount, caliper adaptor/boss, 180mm rotor, and leverl attached to the line attached to the 180mm shimano caliper. 180 rotor that comes with the kh26. Everything new never used. Just testing waters.

Pics will be up soon, email/text is a faster way to reach a response.

I am open to trades, looking for a newer KH slim saddle, KH book, 26 muni tires.