kh maintenance

What should i do for oiling and cleaning?


Also, maybe try using a little grammar and be more specific in your questions. Oiling and cleaning what? Dirty hair? Skillets?

dont be such a dick ivan, think about it, what parts on a uni could need oiling or cleaning??? a simple thaught like that shortens the list pretty quik. now seperate the oiling and cleaning parts.

ok well i am no KH know all but unis are pretty simple as far as maintenance goes.

right, um oiling, well oil isnt really a good think to use on a uni as it is runny and you dont use oil in bearings or splines but instead you use grease.

so as for grease, well i hear that splines should be greased like once a year or somethin but if they are kept tight then i dont think you’ll have issues. you can grease your pedals and wheel bearings as soon as you get the uni or whatever and once it is done you shouldnt have to do it again unless you ride in some seriously wet conditions.

as for cleaning well just make sure there isnt any greasy spots or whatever for dust to stick to, and for a uni i would just get a wet/damp rag and wipe the thing over as you wont be getting it too dirty. so just whenever yo feel just wipe it off.

other stuff: when removing the seals on the wheel bearings to grease them be caresul with the seals as you dont want to damage them. also you can spray the spoke nipples with somethin like WD40, innox, RP7 etc to make sure no moisture hangs about and causes probs.

appart from that you shouldnt have any issues.

Uhmm, let’s see…
Cleaning: every part.
Oiling: not a single part that I can think of.

I gave him a link to a very good spline maintenance manual and you gave him him a lot of misleading information(like saying that splines should be maintained once a year - wrong!). What I was trying to convey to him was that he may try to find an answer himself before asking and if he does have to ask then maybe try to be a bit more specific and use a tad of grammar(the same goes for you).

Anyway, keep it wheel.

Helpy helper Ivan,

saved me from searching.