KH longneck

Hey, I currently have a kh shortneck frame, and an alien backflip frame.

I’m about 6 feet tall and I realized I need a longer frame, but I don’t want to buy a brand new one, since I already have two.

Is anybody willing to trade a longneck for one of my frames?

The kh is a 2008 and scratched up, while the backflip is in a pretty good condition.

I have mine that I could maybe trade for one of your frames. But I dont remember if someone on Monotréal wanted it or if it was you. The dent on the back of the neck is not in the way of the seatpost, I tried with a longer seatpost and it works well. It’s just really really scratched since I’m a Trials rider. I’ll think about it, keep looking and I may trade mine if you can’t find anything.

Yeah it was me!

what year is it?

It’s a 2009 I think. The bearing holders got a little bit scrached from Trials and grinds, the frame in general is really scrached but it works perfect. If you strip it, it would be sick :slight_smile:

Is you KH frame still purple?

Bump. Jakob, how is your frame doing?

Anyone else have a kh longneck they want to trade for an alien backflip? or a kh shortneck?

hey max if you find one and you still have the alien backflip laying around ill take that off your hands

Max, next time we talk, we’ll talk about it. I want to keep it, but on the other side, I never use it. Last time I used it was months ago, I pretty much stopped using the KH since I have my Triton. But I’d rather sell it to because I dont want another frame. I’m going to get rid of my street and flatland parts.

hey what do you have for street and flatland parts? PM me?

I would loooove to buy ur kh frame, if gohabsgo doesnt want it.