KH Longneck, what's the point?

I’m considering buying a KH frame for Christmas, and I’ve heard nothing bad about the longneck. After a little searching, however, I’ve found the only reason people get it is to avoid hitting their knees while riding trials. I am a purely street rider, and want to know if the longneck is worth it for me. I know the cost is the same, but does it weight more? Does it weigh less(because you can cut the seatpost shorter)?

Should I get the longneck? I’m a little over 6ft so I don’t see it being too tall for me. Is this what I’m looking for, or should I buy the shortneck frame? Is the longneck a worthwhile purchase?

Mostly aesthetics.

People would rather see frame than seatpost

Edit: This is an answer to “what’s the point?”

It saves around 60g if you cut the seatpost. And it looks better. I’d go for it.

yes, definitely if you are over 6 ft. It’s the same price and there are no real disadvantages unless you are short and the frame is too high for comfortable riding.

Really high seat if you want
cut seat post really short to shave weight
Puts seat clamp up under the seat and reduces it banging knees and other body parts.

edit: yes and It does look much better too like the other guys said

I would actually probably hit my knees on the clamp more often if it was up near the seat because that’s where my knees are when I stand up on the pedals. Often when landing SIF I will land with one foot on the pedal and then the seat will slam into my knee. I don’t ride trials so can’t comment there though. And I still do hit my knees on the clamp sometimes with a KH short neck frame. If you’re tall I’d get the longneck. Otherwise just get the shortneck.

Well my mind is pretty much made up then. I’m getting a longneck. I’m not a big fan of the blue, so I’m going to strip it. Do I need to put a clearcoat if it’s aluminium?

(I know absolutely nothing about different types of metal.)

The KH frame is aluminum so it doesn’t rust.

Raw aluminium oxidises to form a protective aluminium oxide layer (yes, I was paying attention in chemistry :roll_eyes: )

In other words: No, you don’t need a clearcoat. It won’t corrode.

You just contradicted yourself.
It will oxidise and the layer of aluminium oxide on the surface will protect it from oxidising further.


On the topic of KH long necks, Can someone tell me the length of the neck? Thanks.


Thanks, that was quick.

I´m going to buy kh longneck beacuse:

it doesn´t cost much more than the usual kh.
If you´re a streetrider you´ve probably bent some seatposts or even cracked them, if you have a longneck you can cut a seat post of steal and save weight and make it stronger at the same time.
It looks nicer :slight_smile:
It only weights 80 gram more than the regular kh.

Yea… Chemistry isn’t exactly my best subject.

Is the seat-tube only 300mm? I thought it was 350 or something. That would make it about perfect for me

EDIT: Yes you’re right, the KH site says 300mm. Sweet!

Yea I wish they were 350, that would make it absalutly spot on, nevermind.

am i the only one that thinks longneck frames are ugly?

Haha, probably. I think they are very attractive.

Though i wouldnt go out of my way to get one.

Can anyone tell me what Darren’s price is for the KH Longnecks? They aren’t listed on his site.

Darren can :wink:

I think it is either 150 or 200, but I’m not sure.

I havnt seen one for real but I think they look kind of cool, cant say I realy love them (yet). Still getting one though, the weight saving is too apealing. Mine should hopefully come this week :smiley: