KH Longneck Trials

I have a next to Brand New KH Trials Longneck with the following parts:

KH Longneck Frame (comes with both KH double bolt clamp and DKG quick release)
KH Forged one piece 200mm seatpost
KH Spirit 137mm Cranks
KH Spirit Rollos(not pictured)
KH Street Saddle
Nimbus Gremlin Trials Wheel(Hub/spokes/rim)
Maxxis creepy crawler
Welgo MG-1 pedals

All parts were purchased for this uni so everything is in new condition

This unicycle only has small scratches on the pedals and seat bumpers, otherwise it’s like new. I’m not dying to sell it but I ride my muni most of the time so it’s not getting very much use.

$425(firm) Shipped within the usa

PM with any questions

BUMP $400 Shipped

I’d be willing to part out if people are interested in specific combos


I’d be interested in the frame and/or saddle, how much would you want?

how much???

Sorry, I just sent a payment for the frame and saddle.

Frame and saddle are sold whats left is:

Nimbus wheel & tire combo $120
137mm Spirit Cranks and Rollos $70

Prices include shipping within the USA

Hi rockjunkie15,

would you be opened to trades (link in my signature) ?
I may be interested by the cranks, rollos & pedals but it is always nice if I can let go some parts too :smiley:

Note: if you don’t find something in my list of parts, let me know what you are looking for :slight_smile:

I’m not really interested in trading since my other uni is dialed.