KH longneck questions

I have been in the process of getting a new uni. I want a Kris Holm 20, but I really like the way the longneck looks.
But my problem is my height I am about 5’4, but my inseam is 31 inches.
Am I too short?
Also can some one measure from the top of the petal at the bottom of the stroke to the top of the seat?

Just buy it.

If its too long, you can just cut down the tube a bit to fit you perfect.

Maybe. I’m about 169cm and the perfect height for me is the entire seatpost inserted in the seat tube.

I wold say: get it and try. If it’s too high cut it! That’s what I did when I got my first long neck (about a year ago)…

To cut it, first make a hole and after cut a rip, like this:

It’s simple! now that I’m taller I’m riding a normal frame. Cutting it is really simple, and you’ll have all advantages of a long neck, for your size (You’ll not hit your knees on the clamp ;))

I think it’s a question about personal preferences… If you have a 20" uni you could try how it feels when you put the seat in the same height as the longneck will be…

What did you cut that with Pedro?

I used a normal metal hack saw, a drilling machine and a fill to round the edges… It’s simple!

How long is it from the top of the seat to the crown?

I don’t know, but the seat tube is 300mm…

I think it will be too long stock. when the seats below me and im standing the seats only about 2inches below me. so i would have to cut it def. if i got into any trials. :thinking:

HAHA!I have no clue how you would ride a 425 CM longneck! :stuck_out_tongue: i wish they made a 275mm for the vertically challenged like me. :frowning:

this is the perfect tool:

Pipe Cutters have been known to deform alu parts. My seat post came really close to getting stuck in my kh frame, and there was somebody on here who actually had to get a new frame. Go with a hacksaw, it doesn’t take that long at all and can save your major trouble, I’ve never done a frame, but a deformed frame wouldn’t be to great either IMO.

I broke my friends pipcutter and I personally have had no problems with my seatpost.

Buy the Longneck its crazy cool

Yeah, I’m 6’5" and looking for a superlong longneck. Even with the NimbusX or the Koxx freestyle longnecks, I’m going to have a bit of seatpost showing. If the Kris Holm came in a 400mm+ size, I’d be all over it.

We need a Kris Holm freestyle!


I know their is a kid on here making a cabonfiber frame and I’m pretty sure he will be making seattube’s whatever length you want.

and what about use longneck for trials?