KH Longneck frame

Hello everybody!

I decided it was time to sell my KH frame, I haven’t really rode it since I got my Triton frame. It’s stills in really good condition, there are alot of scratches from Trials riding, no cracks and nothing bent. There’s one dent in the neck but it doesn’t affect the seatpost at all. It’s Kris Holm Blue color.

I’m asking $140 plus shipping. I’m selling it to buy a 24" Impact frame.

I will post pictures really soon.


No one wants this? You can offer me a price, the worst I can do is decline your offer!

Bump, with pictures! The black marks are from my shoes, it can be removed easily.

I’m sorry, I wont let go my KH for that low. Even though it is scratched, it hasn’t been abused and it is still very good for alot of riding. Also, I checked on UDC US, it is listed at $150, but, it’s at $210 on UDC Canada, and I got it for $250 from Bedford Unicycles.

Another thing, I’d rather sell it in Canada since shipping is ridiculously high to the US.