kh longneak vs shortbeak

that’s the internet for you :stuck_out_tongue:
better get used to it

btw…“enything” is spelled anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for calling you out, I was in a funny mood :roll_eyes:
It was fun though.
Back on topic! I ordered my KH longneak yesterday… sorry, longneck! Hopefully it’ll arrive today, and I can take it to BMW.

yea im about to sell one of my bmx bikes to build me a hole new uni

it will have :
kris holm longneak frame.
kris holm isis moment cranks.
Kris Holm ISIS Moment Hub.
koxx jantes 19in rim.
new try all stiky tire ‘white’
koxx 1 cow seat.

What the hell dude?

(Unless you have a legitimate mental disablity, then I’m sorry. :o)

Are you drilling it out for weight savings?

This thread is awesome.

EPIC LOLs X 100000000000000000

Internet: Just for the lulz :smiley:

This thread is just too funny :stuck_out_tongue:

ha, so back on topic, is the point of a longneck to replace a longer and heavier seatpost? I was just at NY Unifest and realized most KH riders had longnecks. Does it really make that much a difference?

50-100 grams depending on how short you make your seatpost.You only make a weight saving if you dont use aluminum posts

They look better, stop clothing catching on the seat clamp and if you make your post short then you save some weight.

I love this thread

I think this is my favourite thread on

Here’s my new kh longneak
I love it so far! feels very light, Im using a short Aluminium post though (Pit fighter) :slight_smile:


Me wanty!! (drools) its so shiny!

thats looks awsome

Pounds and ounces is mandatory here.

You’re talking at most 3-4 ounces, can that matter?

I really like the way that longneak looks, cooler than the shortbeak.

koxx 1 cow seat should be really comfortable (if you’re a cow)