kh longneak vs shortbeak

how much heavier is the longneak than the shortneak

If you factor in a shorter seat post it is practically the same.


I didn’t know Kris had gone into production of short beak’s. wonder how that’ll work out…

i imagine that the duck population would rather have long beaks than shortbeaks, so i see longbeaks being more useful.

oh and did you mean beak neak or NECK

oh and P.S. it doesn’t matter if the long neck heavier or not, you need a super strong seatpost either way if you have the right to care about that small amount of weight, and the seatpost will more than likely be heavier than the neck of the frame, per unit length.

i ment to put neak

  1. NEAK 5 up, 5 down

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New person at your work. Often referred as the new freak (plural -new freaks = neaks)

So KH is now selling long new freaks?


I am laughing out loud right now. And debating sigging that. :smiley:


I know, I thought it too.
that bird has one big ass neak.

I know right, a 14 year old can’t correctly spell neck. :astonished:

Edit: Alister I love you.

epic lols

it was a mistake

It’s spelt ‘misteck’, bro. Just FYI.

Heh. Forums.

yea whare u come from

What’s your problem?

THAT 14 year old can’t spell.

This thread is one of the funniest I have read in a long time!:smiley:

no i just hate when u make one little mistake and everyone calls u out

FTFY :stuck_out_tongue: