KH leg aromor sizing

i searched but the results kinda confused me. the top part of my leg is 16"
the bottom 9", so i would think i would want a medium. the problem is that my entire leg is 20" from shoe to just above the knee, so im wondering what size to get. im 6’ foot and still growing, should i just go for the large, or will these not fit me?

look here

im not familiar at all with any leg armor:o , i think im just gonna go large though

oh, sorry, i didn’t read it first:(

its ok you tried to help

From what I have read, its more about length of your leg. It will wrap around a skinny leg fine. Do a search. Kris wrote here somewhere if you were over 6 feet tall, get the XL.


That was the direct quote of what Kris had said. So I guess at 5’7" I’d fit a large as well. Or maybe a medium, ah!

I’m 6’2" and I use an XL. I’d stand by Kris and say that an XL would fit someone who is about 6 feet tall. If you’re still growing, the XL will probably be just about right.

Kevin McMullin

lol i guess the above shows the problem LOL

thanks for the responses and help guys. im gonna go by what Kevin and Kris have said about the armor and get an XL

I have XL and im 6’ 3".

I find the length good but it was a bit loose (i guess i have skinny legs) so I put some extra velcro on and it works fine.

Rather than start a new thread I’ll ask my question here.

I’m 5’6", and I need some KH leg armor. From right above my ankle to a couple inches above my knee (where the KH armor should be I think) is about 19". According to the height measurements on the KH website I should be a medium, but I’ve heard people saying that the pads are a little small. Then someone who is 5’2" said they have mediums that are slightly big, which makes me think I should get a large. What size should I get?

Keep in mind I’m growing pretty fast and I want them to last at least a year or so.


to maximus unius i would go with a large i am 5’5" and have the same leg size as Det-riot at least at the ankle and thigh i am not sure about length, anyhow i got a medium but they were to small so i had to send them back and get a large.

Are unicycle atirre made for children with these sizes? I though “extra” means more then necessary.

Go with the large for sure. I’m about 5’8, so was on the cusp of medium/large. Went with the medium and they’re a little small. If you’ve got a lot of growing to do as well, then you might as well get the large. You could always cut bits off if they were way too big (which they probably won’t be), but can’t add them on.

Large then. Thanks guys.

Coolness, let us know how they fit. Seems to be a common question.