KH leg armor

I have a number or shin and knee guards from years of mountain biking, but none of them cover the calf enough to protect from peddle bite. I have only been able to locate KH leg guards in a small at and I need an extra large.

Anybody know where to buy KH’s as he does not seem to sell direct from his website?

Try here.

This is the Canadian version of UDC. Maybe they have some larger sizes in stock

I have nothing against the KH pads (In fact, I’ve never tried them) but I found the same thing with my Roach pads, that the mesh across the back was fine for flat terrain pedal bites, but came nowhere near to the protection needed when a foot slips off the pedal on a steep downhill.

What I ended up doing to remedy the situation was sacrifice (one half of) an old neoprene shin guard, strip off the velcro, and then I lay that across the back of my leg under the mesh. So far I’ve only been able to really truly “test” it a couple times, but it’s definitely an improvement over the stock mesh.

I comment mostly because you mention a stock of existing leg pads that haven’t worked for you… perhaps you have the ingredients to try some frankenpads before you shell out for a set of KH.

John M

I think Serious Juggling in Portland, Oregon has a pair left. Good shop for unicycling goods, despite their juggling name :wink:

You can give them a call at 1-800-584-4530 or 503-233-2577

(no financial interest, just a satisfied customer)


That’s an awesome idea for some extra protection, thanks!