KH Leg armor - which leg is which?

I am using the KH leg armor. The ad shows the signature on the right side of the right leg and the left side of the left leg.

The Unigeezer, in at least one of his videos, has the two legs reversed.

Is there a best way? What are the advantages?


I recently got a set and I put the shinny side towards the frame. I just figured it was unique material compared to the rest of the armor so I figured it went to the inside.

I just think UniGeezer’s swapped his legs over so he can do all that incredible stuff!


Been wondering the same thing myself.

I have been wearing them with the logo pointing out but have found that the velcro can catch against the frame and brake mounts and come undone.

Also, I think I should have gone for a bigger size :frowning:

I always go split on the outside. This way the inside of the leg has full wheel/frame bash coverage.

For me the shiny goes in, if I have it the other way, if the tire hits the armor the friction pulls me off the uni.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess that we all are saying the same thing. Someday, maybe I’ll figure out why Terry was wearing them opposite.


Shiny part goes inside, as said before. More protection since the pads will rub against the frame tire and pedals against the inside of the pad and not the outside.

Shiny part goes inside, yeah, but look what it caused on my qu-ax 24" cross frame after a few hours of riding:D What an abrasive material…

Weird, really weird, even thoough I change the paint of my frame every 3-4 months, I never had that happened to me… I’ve been riding KH pads for 4 years now (the same pair :smiley: ).

Do your legs rub the frame much? I have the same wear marks on my 26" Nimbus muni, but I think a lot of it was from when I was riding the seat lower and my legs rubbed the frame more. I think inseam length is a factor, too.

It might have to do with the frame size. That’s crazy that they’ve lasted you 4 years though, are they still in good condition?

I have a tendency to rub the paint off of a small area on the right side of my frames. Now I cover that area with clear packing tape and it prevents the wear and really extends the paint job a lot longer. :slight_smile:


I don’t own a pair of his BUT I can speak from experience with other stuff…hopefully it’ll help.

  1. Obviously the opening goes in the back; not sure if KH is different.
  2. Every company wants their logo to be seen, thus logos usually go on the outside or in the front like my old Hammer 2zs.
  3. If there are straps in the back, they generally strap towards the inside of your legs.
  4. When in doubt, go by how they feel when you put them on.

Sorry if any of that was obvious or condescending…but hopefully that’ll help! :smiley:

Emile i noticed how you have different paint and stuff all the time… are you powdercoating or are you using a metalcast spray paint and a sealer? Thanks.

Mine’s done exactly the same to my Nimbus muni frame. Never happened with 661 pads, but the KH ones took all the paint off down to the metal in a few rides. I think it’s just that the KH pads are a bit too stiff sideways so they don’t wrap round the legs as well as the 661s, so they stick out further and rub on the frame. I don’t really care that much, but it would be nice if it didn’t happen.

I wear mine shiny side in as well, BTW.


Like new… almost! I ripped a small part the first time I wore them cause I landed on something sharp, but I sewed them and I they’re fine.

I’m sanding down the paint, washing the frame, spray paint and clear coat. Holds great for half a year.

I wonder how much it costs for someone to “professionally” powder coat a uni…any ideas?

I had my old muni frame done by a local place a few years ago for £15. If I’d had it done black or white and waited until they had a big batch being done it would have been cheaper (they do batches of fence panels and other industrial stuff).


Wow, that’s a bit cheaper that I was thinking. I’ll keep that in mind when it comes time for me to redo mine or my wife’s. :slight_smile: