KH/Koxx Trials Unicycle

Here is a great trials uni with a nice blend of parts.
Brand new:
Koxx frame, saddle & post. KH hub w/Sapim stainless spokes.
Arrow welded rim (nothing stronger, period). 137mm KH Moments, VP pedals & a Maxxis CC with great tread.

So new I haven’t even assembled it yet. It’s missing a tube at the moment so take $5 bucks off if you want to supply your own. I can also substitute a very low mileage KH frame for $50 more. $300 shipped in the USA.

Can you post a picture of it?

I could, but then there would be 2. :thinking:

Are you saying you can’t see the picture above or that you want a picture of something specific? Here’s a direct link to the high resolution photo.

My computer isn’t letting me see the picture in your first post or open the link in your second, but I’m definitely interested.

Interesting, anyone else having this problem? PM me your email & I can send it directly.
I’ve tried this on a different computer in IE, FF & Chrome. It works on all three. :thinking:

I’m at school right now, so I guess the school is blocking everything; I’m honestly surprised isn’t blocked.

It works here… and it looks amazing. I already have 3 Trials wheel though so I wont buy yours. I’d like to have an Arrow Racing rim for my 24" Muni though.


Complete unicycle & both frames sold to Taylor E. Enjoy!

I fully intend to! Thanks so much! :smiley: